Sketch Pen Fiber Tip

Sketch Pen Fiber Tip

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Made in India.Faber-Castell is proud to offer the finest studio quality graphite sketch pencils. These versatile graphite pencils can be used for art and drafting. This set includes 6 graphite sketch pencil in various degrees of lead hardness, a metal sharpener and a PVC and latex-free eraser. The SV bonded leads are break-resistant, and are made of finely ground graphite and clay for a smooth, consistent lay down.

CLASSMATE 12 Shades sketch Pens

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Made in India.Specially designed tip & smooth ink for better flow and even shading Non-toxic & non-drying ink that lasts long even with the cap off. Special anti-choking child safe cap Body colour based on availability. It may not be same. Sketch pens regular 12 shades.

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