About us


JustKBC MarketPlace

"Our portal is an E-commerce website which will provide a platform to the process of buying or selling products or services over the Internet. E-commerce activities such as selling online will be directed at consumers or other businesses. It will be Business to Consumer (B2C) which involves the online sales of goods, services and provision of information directly to consumers."

Website Management

Website Features

Need to keep monitoring how website is operating and resolve bugs and concern from customer and seller keeping following parameters in mind

  • User-Friendly
  • SEO code & layout
  • Content management capabilities.
  • Reporting tools.
  • Shopping Cart & Checkout Process.
  • Mobile Compatibility.
  • Calls to Action (CTA)
  • Images and Descriptions.
  • Customer Support.
  • Security and Privacy.

Promotion and discount code tools.

An easy-to-use checkout.

Email marketing integration

Continuous improvements of website as per the feedback from customer, seller and changing market trends and requirements.


Existing seller Management

Team will be responsible for managing existing on board seller 

  • Inventory management – keep track of inventory at each seller
  • Distribution management
  • Channel management
  • Seller product management – Range of product with specific seller
  • Stock control – Regular interaction with seller on stock seller is having at his end.
  • Just-in-time delivery – products that will be required on need basis
  • Payment Management - Managing all payment activities with seller e.g timely payments, commission concern and logistics payment.
  • Transportation – logistic partner 
  • Need to handle the returns and reimburse customers and seller for their purchase.
  • Need to see that customer are treated well and keep them coming back.
  • Exploring new sellers which can be added to seller list and will be willing to sell their products on our portal within the prescribed guidelines.
  • Engaging in pretail for launching new products and services.
  • Training – Team will be providing training to new sellers on how to sell products on our website, information on commission, products that can be sold and various schemes and their benefit to seller.
  • Gathering and using demographic data through web contacts and social media
  • Managing integrated blog or articles section.
  • Website promotion through various channels -Marketing to prospective and established customers by e-mail or fax (for example, with newsletters)
  • Explore opportunities for JustKBC specific products.
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