Sticking and Glue

Sticking and Glue

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Oddy Glue Stick 5 Grams

Price ₹50
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Made in India Oddy® Glue Stick is idle for multi-porpose & offer bond on card board, fabric, paper &

more Glue Stick is acid free, has photo safe adhesive that goes on clear & dries clear.

Glue Stick offer washable solution which means accidental messes are easy to clear up.

Fevicryl Rangeela Holi Ke Rang

Price ₹120
Availability: 200 In Stock

Made in India.Non_Toxic & Safe,CE_Certified, Conforms to EN71_3 European Standards, Specially formulated ready to use fine powder colours, 4 Fluorescent Colours having pleasant fragrance,Washable, easy to remove from skin, hair & fabrics,Safe on skin and eyes,Feels smooth, when applied on skin,Actual shades are visible from the window in the carton.

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