Toys and games always attract children. The cool and impressive trait of “Crafts in Books” is the implemented 3D designs that can hold your children’s attention the moment they turn the first page. This is an interesting way to enter into a 3D world. Children create and enjoy the results of their efforts. They feel encouraged when they are appreciated. Through these recreational activities, children can stimulate their imagination and can unravel a whole new creative world before them, that none can fail to appreciate. 


TERRABUG is a Sci-Fi Buggy Do-It-Yourself 3D Model Kit, for ages children 8 years & above. This Book consists of parts to build an amazing Sci-fi Buggy. The book also has parts to build the NEONFLY chopper! The product is made of high quality paper (300 GSM) to ensure a superior 3D Model.


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