Fruits Freshness Skin Rejuvenation Mini Facial Kit includes the following products with steps & description:- Step 1) KHADI NATURAL LEMON & ORANGE CLEANSER |with aloe vera extract DESCRIPTION: It is a gentle cleanser formulated from natural herbal extracts and pure essential oils. It mildly cleanses removing the build-up of impurities on the face. It removes oily dirt, smoothens pores and boosts circulation. DIRECTIONS: Apply a small quantity and gently massage in circular motion on the face and neck for 5-10 minutes. Then clean with moist cotton. Step 2) KHADI NATURAL WATERMELON & GRAPEFRUIT GEL SCRUB | with aloe vera extract DESCRIPTION: A specially formulated cream to unmask your true complexion by scrub action. Gentle Scrub action facilitated by scrub grits removes dead epithelial cells, blackheads, whiteheads from the skin. DIRECTIONS: Moisten the face & neck. Apply the cream & massage gently for 5 to 10 minutes avoiding the areas around the eyes. Rinse well with lukewarm water and pat dry. Step 3) KHADI NATURAL PEACH & AVACADO MASSAGE CREAM |with kokum butter DESCRIPTION: A uniquely prepared cream with a blend of essential oils which nourishes your skin giving you the complexion of your dreams. DIRECTIONS: Apply a small quantity on face and massage thoroughly for 10 minutes and then wipe off with moist cotton. Step 4) KHADI NATURAL GREEN APPLE & STRAWBERRY FACIAL GEL | with cherry blossoms DESCRIPTION: A specially formulated gel containing a blend of essential oils and Pure goodness of cherry blossoms extract for instant radiance. DIRECTIONS: Gently massage the gel for 5 minutes and clean with moist cotton. Step 5) KHADI NATURAL MANGO & PAPAYA FACIAL PACK |with lychee extract DESCRIPTION: A blend of aroma oils, milk proteins and the goodness of lychee fruit. It has natural bleaching properties to improve the complexion of the skin. Ideal to be used in case of blemishes, dark patches and dark complexion. DIRECTIONS: Apply the mask at the final stage of facial and then clean after 10-15 minutes with plain water. More Information BY INGREDIENTS Lemon BY BENEFITS Glow/Luster BY SKIN TYPE For All Types INGREDIENTS Lemon, Orange, Watermelon, Grapefruit, peach & avacado, Green Apple & Strawberry, Mango and Papaya HSN 30049011


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